More Project Cafe Rumors

There is now two new rumored names to add to the rumor mill, the Nintendo Stream and the Nintendo Feel. Both names could be real and both are convincing.

Project Cafe is supposed to be able to stream content on to a touch screen on the controller, which leads to IGN’s name, the Nintendo Stream. They don’t say it’s an official name, just that it’s being considered.

The latest name rumor, the Nintendo Feel, was reported on by Swedish website They say that the touch screen on the remote will feature haptic feedback, which means that you will be able to feel the texture of objects. It sounds far fetched, but the technology is real. If you have your hand on something rough, it will feel rough. Also the name sounds more awesome and Nintendo-ish to me.

There is also this new rumored info reported by Kotaku.

– will not include a hard drive
– contains 8 gigs of on-board flash based memory
– supports saving to SD cards
– may cap the system’s output at either 1080i or 1080p
– disc format for the new console will hold 25GB of data
– controller can function as a standard game controller that imitates 360/PS3
– in-controller screen can extend what’s on TV to the controller, and allow for touch input
– stream console games to the controller to be played, but you must be within a certain range of the console

Once again, these are all rumors. Even the touchscreen is a rumor, although a widely confirmed one.

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