Sony’s Newest Comments on the 3DS and the Downloadable Market

The president of Sony Computer Entertainment recently made the following comments.

“Compared to 3DS, it was very interesting – when we were designing the NGP we had no idea what Nintendo was going to do. Aside from the 3D stereoscopic display, they seem to be keeping the same theme that they had with the DS – it feels like an update of the DS to me. Lots of choices we made were so different from their choices. It’s kind of hard to compare the two (3DS to NGP), aside from the fact that both of them are dedicated gaming platforms. We are dealing with the same issue that Nintendo is. It’s up to content publishers, including ourselves, to show people that this is worth £25 or £30 as opposed to 59p. You cannot release the same content that you put on the iPhone for a dollar on to NGP or some other consoles and expect people to pay 20 times that.” – Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studios

I can’t believe I agree with Sony. I believe he hit the nail on the head. The arms race for gaming is going to a different world that both Nintendo and Sony need experience in.

Via GoNintendo.


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