New Details on Animal Crossing 3DS

  • playing as mayor allows you to decorate the village
  • add benches or street lamps, among other things
  • you’ll be accompanied by a secretary
  • this character looks like a dog
  • seems she’s quite clumsy as well
  • she’ll walk around with a clipboard and point out town areas that look good and bad
  • design every aspect of your houses, even the mailbox and fence color
  • have furniture redesigned and reupholstered
  • separate top and bottom outfit designs
  • village is now much bigger and has separate sections
  • beach area is now bigger and can be accessed by following a path
  • swim in the water as well
  • cross the railroad tracks and visit what’s beyond
  • this area offers new shopping spots and a fancy street with model homes
  • model homes are empty house designs that are there to inspire your own home decor
  • everytime you StreetPass someone, their house will be added to the model home section
  • Tom Nook is in charge of the model homes
  • villages will also have wishing wells

Via GoNintendo.


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