Lego Lord of the Rings Sets from New York Toy Fair 2012

Unlike the lackluster Marvel sets, Lego (in my opinion) killed with the Lord of the Rings line. Every set is designed with perfection as it’s goal and wonder as it’s result. I’m awed.

9469 Gandalf Arrives

Price: $12.99

Piece Number: 83

Available: In June

My Opinions: Considering it’s the smallest set in the Lord of the Rings line and it’s the only set as of yet to come with Gandalf, Lego did a great job with this set.

More media here.

9470 Shelob Attacks

Price: $19.99

Piece Number: 227

Available: In June

My Opinions: Right now, Gollum and Sam are exclusive to this set, and my is this set impressive! With stellar pricing and adorably awful excellent Gollum, and having it also being one of only two ways to get the ring right now, this is one set Lego and Lord of the Ring’s fans won’t want to miss!

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9471 Uruk-hai Army

Price: $29.99

Piece Number: 257

Available: In June

My Opinions: Made as an extension of The Battle of Helms Deep, this set contains exclusively Eomer and a guard. A nice battle pack and a well made set, but not too eventful.

More media here.

9476 The Orc Forge

Price: $39.99

Piece Number: 366

Available: In June (Only at Target)

My Opinions: Very similar in style to the Dwarf’s Mine from the Castle line a few years ago. Really good-looking structure and a nice parts pack for those who want to build a massive orc army. Decent pricing too.

More media here.

9472 Attack on Weathertop

Price: $59.99

Piece Number: 430

Available: In June

My Opinions: So far, the only set with Merry and the Nazgul and, besides the Battle of Helms Deep, the only way to catch Aragorn. The set itself is quite a nice mountain that opens to reveal a room inside. The only thing not great about this set is it’s price. At about $0.14 a brick, even with the new horses and the spiral staircase, that is a hard price to swallow.

More media here.

9473 The Mines of Moria

Price: $79.99

Piece Number: 776

Available: In June

My Opinions: Currently, this is the only set to obtain Legolas, Boromir, and Pippin, which makes this already awesome set incredibly drool worthy. Not to mention that, besides The Battle of Helms Deep, this is the only way to get Gimli. The set holds it’s own with it’s piece number and price and has quite the nice array of building fixtures (plus a Cave Troll). Quite incredibly epic if you ask me.

More media here.

9474 The Battle of Helms Deep

Price: $129.99

Piece Number: 1,368

Available: In June

My Opinions: This MASSIVE castle contains exclusively King Theoden and Haldir, but also comes with a selection of other nice figs including Aragorn, Gimli, and 4 Uruk Hai. The set has a dining hall, exploding side door, and an adorable little catapult for which can be used to hurl Gimli at the orcs.

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3 Responses to “Lego Lord of the Rings Sets from New York Toy Fair 2012”

  1. Caden! Says:

    I have no shame in saying that the moment I laid my eyes on the Orc Forge, Mines of Moria, and Shelob Attacks sets I instantly wet myself. If I was stranded on a desert island and I could have any 3 things including food and water, I would still choose those beautiful sets. Okay, maybe not. But they are still pretty epic.

  2. Rahel Says:

    Ooooo…. Siege weapons…… *drool*

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