Lego Monster Fighters Sets from New York Toy Fair 2012

I believe that Lego’s new Monster Fighters line is one of their most creative set series to date. As I noted in my previous Monster Fighters post, it is essentially the adventurers with steampunk robotic body parts attacking classic monsters in an apocalyptic world.

9461 The Swamp Creature

Price: $6.99

Piece Number: 70

Available: In August

My Opinions: Considering the set runs at $7 and has a rad swamp monster, his little encampment, and a monster fighter on a little swamp boat, it’s a good value (in my opinion) and shouldn’t be missed.

More media here.

9462 Mummy

Price: $11.99

Piece Number: 90

Available: In August

My Opinions: The monster in this set, the mummy, is virtually identical to the collectible minifigure mummy. However, the girl monster fighter in this set is quite epic as well as her vehicle, which reminds me a lot of the adventurers mini helicopter set… ah memories…

(no other media)

9463 The Werewolf

Price: $19.99

Piece Number: 243

Available: In August

My Opinions: Considering how awesome that wolf, that guy who looks a lot like a beat up Dr. Kilroy (ah… more memories), and that excellent price per part that far exceeds the golden ratio, this is an excellent set.

More media here.

9464 The Vampire Hearse

Price: $34.99

Piece Number: 314

Available: In August

My Opinions: I think this may be Lego’s most inventive set ever. As I wrote in my previous post:

And yes, that is a guy in a suit wearing a bowler hat with a robotic leg wielding a musketeer sword riding a motorcycle attacking a vampire riding a hot rod with a chauffeur.

And now, in the final version, his motorcycle has dynamite and flames. Can you get much more epic?

More media here.

9466 The Mad Professor and His Monster

Price: $49.99

Piece Number: 427

Available: In August

My Opinions: A frankenstein set with bowler hat/robotic leg man and robotic eye/Dr. Kilroy on some classic car souped up with a bunch of weapons designed to take down a mad doctors lab? Hell yes.

More media here.

9467 The Ghost Train

Price: $79.99

Piece Number: 741

Available: In August

My Opinions: A flying ghost train with bat wings and a Monster Fighters plane being used to board it! Check out those new ghost minifigures!

More media here.

9468 Vampire Castle

Price: $99.99

Piece Number: 949

Available: In August

My Opinions: This monstrous Vampire castle is full of fantastic characters and gruesome traps all laid out in an epic package of epicness.

More media here.


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