Apple Conference Officially Reveals New iPad!

I now want an iPad. I’ve been holding out on buying an iPad since the original was launched mainly because of it not having a retina display. I’d gotten so used to not being able to see pixels, that when I saw them I got angry and felt I was using old technology. I couldn’t justify spending $500+ dollars on an iPad with outdated technology.

Well now things have changed. Apple today announced the new iPad model with a number of new features, best of which is the built in retina display. The new screen now has four times the pixels seen in the iPad 2! Not only does it have that sheer accomplishment, the addition of a retina display also puts the iPad forward as having the highest quality screen on a mobile device and having a million more pixels than an HD TV.

Of course, retina display is not the only new addition to the iPad. Apple has also announced that it will be powered by a new processor, the Apple A5X, which features a dual-core CPU and quad-core graphics. On top of all the new graphical features, the iPad can now connect to the 4G LTE network for enhanced internet speed and has a 5MP iSight camera that also shoots 1080p HD video.

Hardware improvements for the new iPad were not the only things announced at today’s Apple conference. Apple also brought to light a new version of the Apple TV with 1080p HD graphics, iPhoto for iPad, and iOS 5.1 with some minor improvements.

Via Apple.


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One Response to “Apple Conference Officially Reveals New iPad!”

  1. Rahel Says:

    ….Oh goddess.
    The depth of your geekiness is so enthralling, I have no words to really present my utter respect and awe for you. I looked up some phrases in Klingon, but they didn’t help. They definitely need more expressive, non-violent words.

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