Community – Origins of Vampire Mythology

This week 3.18 million people came to watch Community live. Compare this to the 9.58 million who went to watch a rerun of the Big Bang Theory. Yeah. I know Community has an extremely large following who watch it on Hulu, but still, I can’t believe how many people would watch a rerun of Big Bang instead. Check out how they did in the ratings here.

Elsewhere on the internet, Community won Hulu’s best in show contest! Congratulations!

And, as usual, whether you need help reacting to something, were born in the 80s and still use your phone as a phone, or are just into trains now, Origins of Vampire Mythology is now on Hulu!


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One Response to “Community – Origins of Vampire Mythology”

  1. deelaytful Says:

    They had a really great episode this week!

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