Lego 9526 Palpatine’s Arrest: Recreate a Mass Murder!

Ok Lego, so I have a question: How is this set appropriate for children? You have now turned down three projects on Lego Cuusoo deeming the content “inappropriate for their target audience”. To illustrate this, they’ve made a few blog posts now explaining what criteria they consider in the Lego review. They’ve actually stated that they won’t except “Death, killing, blood, terrorism, or torture”. Now I understand how Shaun of the Dead, Firefly, and Ghost in the Shell aren’t right for Lego. What I don’t understand is how the heck this is?

This set includes everything you need to recreate one of the most gruesome, terrifying scenes from Revenge of the Sith (below the child slaughter, but above Anakin being mutilated). You have a little catapult to throw Palpatine at the four Jedi he kills and a window (and force lightning) to push out of and kill Mace Windu with.

So Lego, how can you refuse sets based off of other violent content and deem this bit of man slaughter appropriate for a Lego set?

Set pics found on FBTB.


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