Pre E3 2012 Nintendo Direct: Miiverse, Wii U Gamepad Final Design, Wii U Pro Controller, and More!

Mr. Iwata talked it up for a half hour, telling the world all about the Wii U (with a focus on the social elements!). Lots and lots of fantastic stuff. In case you don’t want to sit and watch the corniness, here is a recap of what went down from GoNintendo (because I really don’t feel like repeating them) and if you just want to watch the biggest news showcased in a cheesy skit, you can view the online action promo here.

  • E3 presentation on Tuesday to focus on Wii U games.
  • Nintendo began discussing what they should do with Wii U back in 2008
  • Nintendo wants to unite people with Wii U rather than separate them
  • controller is called the Wii U GamePad

  • control sticks can be pushed down, button layout has been changed to maximize comfort – mystery square is the NFC reader/writer

  • controller can act as a TV remote

  • controller features motion and gyro sensors
  • Wii U supports Wiimote, Nunchuk, Balance Board
  • Wii U Pro Controller described by Iwata as a “more attractive for longer and more intensive forms of gaming”

  • Wii U seen in black
  • Wii U to have video chat

  • Wii U menu system called Mii Wara Wara, a plaza full of Miis saying all sorts of things

  • view your Mii, Miis on your system, your friend’s Miis and Miis in the same country having similar experiences
  • The Miiverse lets you see what friends are doing, even if you don’t have the same games as them
  • bring up the Miiverse during gameplay as well


  • communication between Miis can happen via text messages, but can also be viewed/used via the Wii U GamePad

  • hand-write notes or make doodles on the GamePad for the Miiverse

  • Miiverse allows you to add facial expressions for your Mii

  • post screenshots from gameplay, or content that you’ve created yourself
  • Miiverse can be accessed by all games via home button
  • Miiverse can be used with games that don’t feature online interactions
  • these interactions are browser-based. After launch, you can access Miiverse on your PC, 3DS or any web-enabled mobile device
  • Miiverse keeps future Nintendo devices in mind, whatever they may be- Wii U internet browser lets you share what’s on the Game Pad via your TV

  • close a virtual curtain over a TV screen to keep what you’re browsing on the Game Pad a secret, reveal when you want to
  • plenty of 3DS news coming during ‘other upcoming opportunities’


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