E3 2012: Other Wii U Games

In addition to all the games announced at E3 I’ve blogged about today, there was a TON of other games announced. I’m going to highlight a few noteworthy ones in this post.

Three of interest from Nintendo I haven’t mention in other posts:

Nintendo is publishing a new game with a working title of Project P-100. It looks quite strange and really fun. Game trailer. Read all about it here.

Nintendo is also publishing something with the working title of Wii U Panorama View. Read the small amount known about it here.

And lastly from Nintendo we have another working title game known as SiNG, an interactive musical performance game where you can use the Wii U Gamepad as a Lyrics sheet so the singer can face the audience. Game Trailer. Read all about it here.

While there are many interesting looking titles from third-parties, these two stood out for me:

Batman Arkham City Armored Edition uses the Wii U controller in incredible unique ways as it takes the form of the Batcomputer in this special Wii U version of the critically acclaimed game. Game trailer. Developer interview. Read all about it here.

Ubisoft announced the terrifying epic, ZombiU. This is waaaaaay too gory for my taste, but it’s getting a lot of press, and it uses the Wii U Gamepad in very unique ways. Game Trailer. Read all about it here.

There were many other games announced, but for the rest I’ll just tell you to go to e3.nintendo.com and look for yourself!


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One Response to “E3 2012: Other Wii U Games”

  1. Rahel Says:

    YAY, Arkham Asylum!! =D =D =D

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