Club Nintendo Platinum Rewards 2012: A Disappointment

The first year Club Nintendo existed in North America, the elite platinum status rewards were nothing short of incredible. You had the choice of getting either a Mario Hat or the exclusive game Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!!

The following year, Club Nintendo dished out the magic again with a Mario statue as the elite platinum status reward.

Last year, the platinum reward was a set of 25 Super Mario pins in a fantastic 8-bit box. It wasn’t quite up to the standard of the previous two years, but it still felt substantially excellent.

This year, in Japan, Nintendo gave out a 8-Bit Super Mario Plush to platinum members. On it’s box it says “Thank you so much for your love”.

So why on earth would Nintendo give out either posters or playing cards to platinum members in the US this year? For people who don’t know, in order to reach platinum status on Club Nintendo each year, one has to spend $600 in Nintendo products, register the codes, and fill out surveys for each item. I’ve managed to reach this goal every year since Club Nintendo in the US was born (the past four years) and I feel quite cheated to just receive a deck of cards.

I mean, it is hard to complain about free stuff, but COME ON. Would it have been that hard to make more of that awesome plush to give to the North American Club Nintendo platinum members?


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7 Responses to “Club Nintendo Platinum Rewards 2012: A Disappointment”

  1. Diego Says:

    I don’t want to sound like a douche but it’s not so easy to give out expensive rewards. There were probably more members that got the Platinum status and Nintendo of America couldn’t afford to give something like a Super Mario plush. But you should be grateful that you’re getting the cards that will be great collectors item, I’m happy. And our Club Nintendo has good rewards to choose from, the Club Nintendo of Europe mostly just has digital rewards.

    • Cooper McHatton Says:

      Ok, I understand that it isn’t easy to give out expensive rewards, but this is rewarding and making happy your most loyal of fans. You want your loyal fans bragging about how great Nintendo is, not complaining about shortcomings.

      And Nintendo should be able to afford giving nice things to their fans. They are a massive corporation that certainly has enough money to accurately reward their incredibly loyal fans (even if recently they’ve been having a little financial trouble). If Nintendo didn’t estimate right for what their budget could handle they should have taken the hit. You can’t have fans expect greatness and just not deliver it. Call it an investment for the future. If you make consumers happy they will buy more of your products.

      If Nintendo really could find no way to dish out awesome physical rewards, they could have very easily made fans incredibly happy by giving them lots of digital content. I would have been very happy to get some soundtracks and game downloads, and that costs Nintendo nothing.

      Also, yes, some of the rewards on the European Club Nintendo are pretty lame, but some of the rewards are also good enough to make it so I envy them. Can’t Nintendo just make both European and North American Club Nintendo’s have the same sets of rewards?

      You have to agree with me that Japan’s Club Nintendo crushes North America’s, Europe’s, and every other regions. Why can’t all the Club Nintendo’s of the world just have the same set of elite and redeemable rewards?

      And sure, I love decks of cards. This deck is awesome and I’m glad I’ll be getting it too. It’s a nice collectors item. But the fact is that it just feels so weak in comparison to every other Club Nintendo Platinum status reward. Not to mention that they just discontinued a redeemable Mario deck on Club Nintendo that was just as good, if not better, that the Platinum status reward.

      Sorry I went off on a rant there, but I felt I should illustrate my opinions more accurately.

  2. gaiages Says:

    I was a little excited about the cards for the collector’s value, but after I saw what Japan got, I was less than happy myself. Couple that with the fact that they get better rewards in general (I’m still waiting for that golden Nunchuck to match my Zelda Wiimote), sometimes I feel that the West is getting the short end of the stick… for both the US and Europe.

    Also, this is probably me being a little greedy, but… only one reward when offering games we could of bought with coins in the past? Come on, can’t you give one physical and one digital reward or something?

  3. Leah Says:

    Hey for the $600 each all us Platinum members spent they could definitely afford to make something nicer, not $600 nice but maybe something that cost them a little more to make than say, playing cards?

    Also I’m getting the poster set but a) I already have the Zelda 25th anniversary poster set so I’ll have two duplicate Links on my wall b) don’t care about Luigi’s Mansion c) the Kid Icarus one is the only one I care about.

  4. Noctis Says:

    i had 1760 coins this year… It not that hard to reach elite status. I just wish I made two accounts so i could have gotten the poster and the cards

    • Cooper McHatton Says:

      That tells me that you gave Nintendo $1760 dollars this year, which means you are of a super elite group of fans who have and spend that kind of money on Nintendo brand products. I know no one personally who would/could spend that kind of money on Nintendo products and looking around the web I really don’t think many other people would/could either.

      I tip my hat to you, but I’m afraid you are of a fairly unique case.

  5. vez Says:

    I am very disappointed by the rewards. actually most of the choices are the same for platinum or gold. This reward thing will have no impact going forward in the choice to acquire Nintendo product. At this point they should stop this gimmick altogether. It is borderline insulting. Maybe Nintendo had a bad financial year but do not pass it on to the clients.

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