OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console Kickstarter Project

Were you aware that there was some serious disruption at the core of big corporate gaming? Earlier today, the OUYA video game console project launched. Less than 24 hours later, they have raised over $2,000,000 (over double their goal) making it the eighth Kickstarter project to reach over a million bucks and gave it the biggest first day for a Kickstarter project ever. What kind of project could get this kind of cash this quickly? A pretty darn spectacular one, that’s what.

The OUYA (pronounced OOO-Yah) is a supremely powerful, $99 dollar, HD, hacker friendly, Android based video game console that handles exclusively free-to-play games and is built with indie developers in mind. The controller is shiny with the standard selection of buttons (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button) and has a very special touch pad in the center (a touch screen without the screen). I would love to talk more about it, but you are better off just reading the Kickstarter page and watching the project video yourself.

Let me just say though what a game changer this could be. What the OUYA people were looking for was a sign from the gamers, from the indie developers, that change was needed and change was due. There is no question that they got the answer they were looking for – and in just a few short hours. I look forward to seeing the dollar number at the end of this Kickstarter project. I’m sure execs from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are currently paying close attention and shaking in their boots.


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3 Responses to “OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console Kickstarter Project”

  1. waxpancake Says:

    I wouldn’t get *too* carried away just yet. I doubt Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft are very concerned about a currently-nonexistent project preordered by only 22,000 people. Just for context, Microsoft sells about six times that many Kinect systems per day.

    I think it’s worth waiting to see if they can ship the console by March before getting any hopes up.

    • Cooper McHatton Says:

      22,000 people may not be a huge number to Microsoft, but this isn’t Microsoft. This is an indie Kickstarter who managed to sell a sixth of how many peripherals Microsoft sells for an established system in a day with minimal publicity and, you know, not being Microsoft.

      When I said “shaking in their boots” I meant it more that they should be afraid of the future disruption that could occur than the number of consoles sold right now. I mean, don’t you think if they play their cards right they could change the world of gaming forever? Someone out there is going to make changes to the old established gaming model and it’s probably *not* going to be one of the big three, and that excites me.

      • waxpancake Says:

        Totally agree with you that it’s not going to be one of the big three, but usually, the established players are the slowest to realize they’re being disrupted.

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