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Teeny Tiny Lego Rocket

July 28, 2012

Rocket LaunchWow. This incredible little rocket created by iridescent nohow somehow manages to look totally perfect and rather massive while only using 10 miniscule bricks. I’m very impressed.

Via The Brothers Brick.



Lego Poseidon and Atlantis

July 2, 2012


Your mind blown yet?

This jaw dropping creation was created by Paul Hetherington (Brickbaron). Poseidon was built for Vancouver Lego Club‘s Mythology exhibit at the Surrey Museum, running July through to September 15th 2012.

Via the Brothers Brick.

You shall not SMASH!

May 25, 2012

You shall not SMASH!

Created by Chris McVeigh.

10 Outstanding Lego Cuusoo Projects that Need Your Support!

May 7, 2012

Modular Western Town

Now that the Modular Western Town has passed 9000, it won’t be long now until it reaches the Lego review. Go view the brilliance and give it the extra little push.

Also by the creator is the awesome UCS Sandcrawler which is quickly climbing in supporters.


My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic

Go on. You want some Lego My Little Ponies in your collection don’t you? Anyways, these would make my sister really happy.


Space Marines!

Space Marines is actually an entirely new theme being suggested. Across between Lego’s space line and Halo, these sets and characters look pretty brilliant. And the concept story is fantastic too.


Exo Suit

I believe all minifigs should be entitled life, liberty, the pursuit if happiness, and this exo suit. A minifig has to defend itself!


Piano (Music Architecture Series)

This idea is to create a new series of architecture sets based of composers and pianos. The detail that has gone into everything is exquisite.



One of the best ideas I’ve seen on Lego Cuusoo. The Ghostbusters would translate incredibly well to Lego. The CG shots of possible sets give me goosebumps.


Labyrinth Marble Maze

Who doesn’t love a Labyrinth maze? And a fully-functioning one made entirely of Lego? Hell yes!


The Muppets!

While mostly just concept sketches, the possibility of Lego Muppets was too great not to include in this list.


Micro Scale Star Wars Scenes

I have featured the work of 2 Much Caffeine on my blog multiple times for it’s pure excellence. Now he has put out a couple of awesome ideas on Cuusoo including these micro scale Star Wars scenes (the first which I blogged here). Go through the Cuusoo project and look at all the amazing models.


Super Mario

Last, but most certainly not least, I’ve been searching for a quality Super Mario Project on Lego Cuusoo since day one, and last night, I finally found one. This was actually just posted yesterday and already has well over 200 supporters. Look through all the images and read the creator’s awesome blog. I might die from over exposure to joy if it became a reality. The suggested set(s) are just far too mind blowing.

Also, I know we have just pushed a different Legend of Zelda Project to 10,000 supporters, but take a look at this one.


Lego Legend of Zelda Reaches 5000 Supporters on Lego Cuusoo!

April 10, 2012

Lego Cuusoo blows my mind. It’s a totally incredible concept. Fans put their models on the website and if their idea gets 10,000 supporters, Lego reviews the concept and makes it a set (if the idea is doable). It’s basically Kickstarter without having to put any money down. So far, Lego Minecraft Micro World and two Japan models have stemmed from Cuusoo with Lego Shaun of the Dead in review.

Looking through the site you will find tons and tons of amazing models and concepts. Some of the most supported projects include Lego Back to the Future and Lego Modular Western Town. But of all the projects (with a substantial number of supporters) Lego Legend of Zelda I found by far the coolest. Today, the Lego Legend of Zelda project has acquired 5000 supporters (half of what they need for Lego to pitch this product to Nintendo). With 5000 supporters, Lego designers will now start building concepts for possible Zelda sets.

As you can guess, I find this all extremely exciting and I wish this project the best of luck as it travels to the 10,000 supporter goal! And, if you are reading this and haven’t yet, go create a Cuusoo account and support some projects!

The Grey Havens in Lego

March 20, 2012

This gorgeous forced perspective shot of Frodo and friends departure from Middle Earth was created by Sam W. (-infomaniac-).

Via the Brothers Brick.

There and Back Again: A Lego Tale of Mr. Bilbo Baggins – Part 2

January 20, 2012

Flies and Spiders
Barrels out of Bond
A Warm Welcome
Inside Information
Fire and Water
Gathering of the Clouds
The Clouds Burst

Blake Baer continues and finishes his series of Lego Hobbit scenes with these epic bunches of bricks. Lego Lord of the Rings seems to be the topic of choice as of late. Click on each of the bigger models for more images and check out Part 1 here.

Via The Brothers Brick.

There and Back Again: A Lego Tale of Mr. Bilbo Baggins

November 27, 2011

There and Back Again
Roast Mutton
Riddles in the Dark
Queer Lodgings


All scenes created by the brilliant Blake Baer (Blake’s Baericks). Click on each one to hear a bit about it and find links to other pics of it. Also check out his awesome LOTR collaboration build, Amon Hen.

Via the Brothers Brick.

Lego Tower of Orthanc

October 1, 2011

This fantastic Lego model of the Ents attacking Isengard created by OneLUG has been moving about the internet for the past week or so and I figured it was high time I posted it. This amazing model of Orthanc includes an estimated over 22,000 bricks and weighs over 145 pounds. The battle raging below Orthanc includes a force of over 25 Ents and 100 Orc. There are so many amazing details to geek out over. I highly recommend exploring the gallery, it’s pretty amazing.

Via the Brothers Brick.

Lego Remote Controlled R2 D2

July 31, 2011


Amazing remote controlled R2 D2 by Ickelpete built for the Lego Space event at the National Space Centre in the UK. Check out his photostream for lot’s of work in progress pictures. Also by Ickelpete is this awesome Lego Gym.