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Comic-Con 2012 Lego Exclusive: Darth Maul’s Mini Sith Infiltrator

July 12, 2012

SDCC LEGO Star Wars Exclusive - 17
So, I guess Lego is really bad at promoting stuff… either that or they just wanted to be elusive to us Comic-Con/Lego enthusiasts.

In any case, this year’s Lego Comic-Con exclusive is Darth Maul riding his mini Sith Infiltrator. It’s a $40 set with 84 pieces. It comes packaged in a really nice tin. Whether or not it justifies dropping that much dough on such a small set is probably solely dependent on how determined you are to leave Con with a Lego exclusive.

SDCC LEGO Star Wars Exclusive - 6

Before considering getting it, I highly recommend reading FBTB’s review (from which these photos are from). It gives a really in-depth look at the set.