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Teeny Tiny Lego Rocket

July 28, 2012

Rocket LaunchWow. This incredible little rocket created by iridescent nohow somehow manages to look totally perfect and rather massive while only using 10 miniscule bricks. I’m very impressed.

Via The Brothers Brick.



Lego Remote Controlled R2 D2

July 31, 2011


Amazing remote controlled R2 D2 by Ickelpete built for the Lego Space event at the National Space Centre in the UK. Check out his photostream for lot’s of work in progress pictures. Also by Ickelpete is this awesome Lego Gym.


Lego Space Tree

July 11, 2011

Shamisenfred did a great job with this space tree. Love the rounded leaves/branches.

Via the Brothers Brick.

Now That’s a Big Door

May 31, 2011

Love this sci-fi interior scene by Paul B. Hartzog. The door and the exposed circuitry are awesome. Check out more pics here.

Via the Brothers Brick.

Space Mega Base

May 23, 2011

Gerry Burrows combines science fiction and classical Greek and Roman architecture in this 28′ long colossus called Garrison of Moriah. Its height falls just a few inches short of 8′, only to be limited by the ceiling of the workroom. The idea behind the build has nested in Gerry’s mind for years, but it finally came to being when Gerry bought a new house with a custom-designed room to accommodate the creation, which took 9 months and over 200,000 bricks. Some of the highlights include a gladiator stadium, a giant waterfall, and a cavernous spaceship hangar.

Via the Brothers Brick.