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Please Select Student! Yetee Shirt

July 19, 2012


This shirt beckons, like a finger curling and uncurling as if to say “Hey, come here”. The cool cool cool-ness is making my whole brain cry and I don’t no what to do. Someone had better call all the ambulances because this shirt is LIFE CHANG-ING.

Get it on the Yetee before it goes away at 9:00 PT on the 21st!

Sweet Deans…

Dan Harmon is No Longer Community’s Showrunner: An Angry Rant

May 20, 2012

Dan Harmon: the guru behind Community, the showrunner, the creator, the one who INVENTED Troy and Abed, the one who has made it all happen, has been kicked out of his own show thanks to some big heartless, mindless, corporate idiots at Sony and NBC.

Dan Harmon was removed from his position without the decency of even a phone call. In fact, Dan Harmon wasn’t contacted by anyone. But, hey, don’t believe me…Dan Harmon says it best, “The important one is this quote from Bob Greenblatt in which he says he’s sure I’m going to be involved somehow, something like that.  That’s a misquote.  I think he meant to say he’s sure cookies are yummy, because he’s never called me once in the entire duration of his employment at NBC.  He didn’t call me to say he was starting to work there, he didn’t call me to say I was no longer working there…” Nice, real classy Sony/NBC.

Should we expect the show to be as good without him? Most certainly not. He was the one who made who made it happen. As he said in his tumblr…”I was what you might call a….hands on producer…I’m not saying you can’t make a good version of Community without me, but I am definitely saying that you can’t make my version of it unless I have the option of saying “it has to be like this or I quit” roughly 8 times a day.” Will the same kind of stuff happen under the rule of other people? I highly, highly doubt it.

And to Sony and NBC, the guy with the focus, passion, vision, and dream SHOULD NEVER BE THE ONE THAT GETS FIRED. So what if he’s not that easy to work with. I bet you can say that about any artistic genius throughout time. Dumb asses.

REMINDER: Community 3 Episode Season Finale Tonight!

May 17, 2012

Grab some POP POP corn and prepare yourself for the life CHANG-ing brilliance of tonight’s 3 part Community season finale! The first episode (an 8-Bit epic!) will air at 8:00 PT, then will be followed by 30 Rock. Then 30 Rock will be followed by two back-to-back Community episodes at 9:00 and 9:30!

Community Renewed for (shortened) Fourth Season!

May 12, 2012

Human Beings rejoice! Whether you align yourself with the pillowmen or the blanketeers, you can take off your darkest timeline goatees and yell out a big POP POP to celebrate the cool cool coolness of Community’s fourth season renewal!

Even though it’s a super magical thing, not all the news is happy. This is a shortened season. This time around we are only getting 13 episodes of this awesome show (30 Rock is getting the same treatment, but for them it’s their seventh and final season).

Another scary thing, Dan Harmon, the creator and an executive producer of Community, hasn’t signed on to be part of this fourth season yet. I pray that he’ll sign on, the show would’t be the same without him. Read these harsh words from NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt if you are brave.

And on a final note, Community is being moved to Fridays at 8:30! This could be a good thing or a bad thing, as even though they won’t have to compete with Big Bang Theory, Friday night TV watchers are substantially less in number than Thursday night TV watchers.

Greendale Street TeeFury Shirt

May 2, 2012

Troy and Abed… Ernie and Bert… AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Get it before it’s gone!

Art created by the incredible Chris McVeigh whom I’ve come to find that I have a lot in common with.

Community – Virtual Systems Analysis

April 21, 2012

Come on Human Beings! This is hardly the time and hardly the space to slow your Community support! Yes, Community hit their series low in the ratings with a 1.3 rating. I already ranted about the outdated Nielsen rating system in my Pillows and Blankets post, so I won’t again, but seriously. Uggggggg. Check out the ratings here.

And even though you like butt stuff, hate spiders, stole a pen from the bank, cried during “About a Boy” the soundtrack, don’t wash your hands before surgery, can see why women find Clive Owen attractive to the point where you might as well just be attracted to him, use comparisons to Hitler to win arguments on the Internet at the drop of a hat, know nothing about wine, are more turned on by women in pajamas than lingerie because you just want to know they feel comfortable, and didn’t get “Inception”, you can still watch Virtual Systems Analysis on Hulu.

Just don’t tell Troy he invents Dance Pants in 2019, he needs to stumble onto it.

Community – Origins of Vampire Mythology

April 13, 2012

This week 3.18 million people came to watch Community live. Compare this to the 9.58 million who went to watch a rerun of the Big Bang Theory. Yeah. I know Community has an extremely large following who watch it on Hulu, but still, I can’t believe how many people would watch a rerun of Big Bang instead. Check out how they did in the ratings here.

Elsewhere on the internet, Community won Hulu’s best in show contest! Congratulations!

And, as usual, whether you need help reacting to something, were born in the 80s and still use your phone as a phone, or are just into trains now, Origins of Vampire Mythology is now on Hulu!

Community – Pillows and Blankets

April 7, 2012

Despite the fact that Thursday night’s Community just might have been their best episode ever, Big Bang Theory had Stephen Hawking as a guest star which managed to make Community’s ratings and viewers drop to the lowest since their return. Check out how they did in the ratings here.

I cannot believe that NBC doesn’t see the big problem here. Big Bang Theory airs only on live TV, so if people who want to see Big Bang, miss it, they are unable to see it anywhere else. Community, however, can be seen the next morning on Hulu. I know a substantial number of people who watch Community, but not one of them (other than me) watches it on their television. These viewers are part of a relatively new but REALLY important demographic, as each month more and more people turn to their ‘devices’ to watch their favorite shows. And, I’d bet that these viewers are part of the much sought after age group demographic as well. So… if the only way viewership is being counted, is by the very out-of-date Nielsen ratings, well then, they are missing a HUGE part of how people now watch shows! If these viewers were counted in the total, I’m sure Community’s fan-base would show.

As always, whether you missed the grand kerfuffle that tore apart New Fluffytown or just want to put on your magical friendship hats again, Pillows and Blankets is now on Hulu.

As a side note, so all those big executives know how much we love Community, go vote for them in this “best in show” poll on Hulu. They are in the final round against the Walking Dead.

Community – Digital Exploration of Interior Design

March 30, 2012

Once again Community proves to me that television can be amazing. It brought in the same 1.7 rating that they brought in last week, which is pretty darn great considering this week they went up against Big Bang Theory (one with Leonard Nimoy as a guest star!). I personally found this weeks to be one of their best episodes ever. Check out how they did in the ratings here.

Whenever you’re ready to party as hardy as your morality clause allows, you can eat fresh inside the pillow or blanket fort of your choice on Hulu.

Community Returns with a Huge Pop Pop! Kills in the Ratings

March 16, 2012

At last! Community has returned! Not only have Troy and Abed returned to my TV, but they also slayed the ratings. Read all about the ways in which they won here.

In addition, whether you wish to call all the ambulances and de-whimsify yourself for the first, second, or forty second time, Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts is now on Hulu. Watch it here!